GHOST LIMB showcases the work of fight choreographer Marilet Martinez

From a single slap (A Delicate Balance), or an alley mugging (Rent), to an all out battle, physical violence in a script should always be handled by a fight choreographer. For Ghost Limb, currently playing on Brava's Main Stage, Marliet Martinez (also an actor) is that person. 

"My main focus when creating this particular fight scene was to have the violence explode onto stage then vanish quickly. So that the family barely has time to process what just happened. Stage combat is a story telling tool, and in this moment I wanted to highlight the helplessness of common people when military rule become the order of the day. "  - Marilet Martinez

A short video of Marilet's work on Ghost Limb.

For more on fight choreography read Melissa HIllman of Impact Theatre's article on the subject.

Marilet Martinez

Marilet Martinez

See Marilet perform in the SF Mime Troupe's summer show, WALLS, in parks around the Bay Area.