Unconditional Love

What a summer to be an intern at Brava! I went from reading Cherríe Moraga's Loving on the War Years in my militarism class at San Francisco State to helping promote the world premiere of Moraga's play, The Mathematics of Love. The Mathematics of Love opens on Thursday, August 10, 2017. 

The Mathematics of Love tells the story of Peaches, an aging, mid-staged Alzheimer's Mexican woman married to her Anglo husband, Poppa. The couple is awaiting their out-of-town-son, "God" in the Lobby of Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel. Malinche, a 16th century Native female slave turned slaveholder, wearing red lipstick and sunglasses with a "small pyramid of Louis Vuitton luggage" trailing behind her. In Peaches' time traveling encounter with Malinche, she is forced to concede a radically ledger on her life; it's love and losses--the sum of a 500 year old rupture in America. 

I have yet to see the play (and seriously can't wait!), but I've spent some time researching the themes and characters Cherrie Moraga presents. I have so many thoughts and questions about her upcoming play. Like, is, Malinche's "small pyramid of Louis Vuitton" a metaphor for her life? Will she ever feel the love desired, romantically and platonically? Although Malinche was born into a noble Aztec family, a series of unfortunate events happen throughout her life: Malinche was close to her father who passed away; her mother, being so self-centered, sells her into slavery, leading her to have a misconception of love...

We hope you'll join us to see Cherríe Moraga's new upcoming play. Can't wait to tell you more after the world premiere of Mathematics of Love