San Francisco Running Crew (SFRC)

Theatrical Production, Management & Design Training for Youth Ages 13-18

Fall Semester 2017: September 19 - December 13
Spring Semester 2018: January 9 - May 16

Tuesday and Wednesday: 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Plus additional time for technical rehearsals and performances. 

San Francisco Running Crew pairs youth ages 13–18 with professional mentors for hands-on training in technical theater and design. An immersive, creative experience, students learn an array of skills in theater production, stage lighting and design, sound mixing, and set and costume construction.

SFRC is free to San Francisco residents and open to youth of all skill levels. Students receive stipends of up to $150 per semester based on attendance and participation. 

For more information contact MAPA Program Manager Melvign Badiola at or 415-641-7657 x 6. 



In the last decade, Brava graduated over 400 participants from its technical theater program, San Francisco Running Crew. Many of these participants have gone on to professional careers in the theater industry. This year we are very excited to have former participant Araceli Bojorquez rejoin SFRC as a paid intern. Below Araceli talks about her experience:

1) How did you hear San Francisco Running Crew (SFRC)?
I got involved with SFRC when I was a Junior in high school. I remember my dad having a conversation with Brava's Executive Director, Stacie Powers Cuellar, and overheard them discussing Running Crew and it got me interested about joining. I went online and checked out their website to get more information. After seeing what they offered, I decided to fill out the application and was accepted.

2) Why do you think it's important for youth to be involved in SF Running Crew?
I think participation in SFRC is important for numerous reasons. For one, students have an opportunity to explore art in new ways that the normal school setting doesn't offer. It's also a great way to meet new friends in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Also, it looks great on a college application.

3) What skills did you learn while attending the program and how were you able to apply those skills to life outside of the theater setting?
When I was in SFRC I learned about time management and planning ahead. Wise time management enabled me to better schedule when my homework needs to get done. It also helped me plan out my bus schedule accordingly. Planning ahead enabled me to schedule any projects or events I wanted to be involved in, without causing any conflicts.

4) Was there anything you were surprised to learn from the program?
I wasn't expecting to learn that the Stage Manager has the biggest responsibility in productions. I learned that it involves a lot of focus and hard work but is also very fun and rewarding.