From Audience to Intern

Official Selena Q. Perez Fan T-shirt

Official Selena Q. Perez Fan T-shirt

Hello! My name is Chalyna Lazo, Brava’s new Communications and Marketing intern. I’m very happy and excited to be guest blogging for Brava this summer!

My first experience with Brava was three months ago when I attended the “Selena Night” with some friends. We wanted to celebrate Selena’s life and music, so we went to Brava for the screening of the 1997 biopic and a dance party.

My overall impression of the event was the authenticity: attendees were diverse, all sharing a space where they admired a beautiful soul who brought joy to many. A 20th anniversary screening of Selena was an excellent choice for Brava, because Selena inspired so many artists to pursue their dreams. Brava isn’t just a space for professional artistic opportunity, but felt, to me, like a safe haven for all of us.

The mission and atmosphere was so beautiful, I wanted to continue learning and growing with Brava. At the “Selena Night” I expressed my interest in becoming an intern and was fortunate to become part of their staff for the summer. My experience as Brava’s intern has been amazing adventure so far.

For Brava's “Summer of Xicanas” series, I have been researching the themes in Ghost Limb and The Mathematics of Love to provide audiences background to the references the directors use in their plays. For additional content, check out my blog post on Argentina’s period of State Terror during the military dictatorship of the 1970s and 1980s.

I would like to personally invite all of you to the premieres of Ghost Limb on July 13 – 23 and The Mathematics of Love, running August 10 – 27. I will also be at the Brava table in the lobby during some of these events, so stop by and say hi! We hope to see you there!