Meet Malena Juanatey - Film Director, Observando al Observador

Malena Juanatey is the writer, director, and narrator of Observando al Observador, the first offering in our Summer of Xicanas series.

Malena Juanatey was born in Buenos Aires in 1985, and began her film studies in the Universidad del cine (FUC) in Buenos Aires. In 2006, after producing several short and feature film projects, she began the research that led to Observando al Observador (Observing the Observer), a documentary film written, produced, and directed by Malena Juanatey. The film analyzes the role taken by the United States during the last military coup in Argentina, through the testimonies of two US citizens who were kidnapped in those years.

Throughout the years Juanatey began to work in many different disciplines, and was part of the team that produced "Changing Places" in 2015 (an interdisciplinary festival supported by the Siemens Stiftung and the government of the city of Buenos Aires), and also the first Biennale of Performance in Argentina.

Apart from her work in film, Malena Juanatey is also a singer, songwriter, and co-founder of the group Las Martas  and has an absolutely beautiful voice! Juanatey will be joining us on Wednesday, June 21 for Brava's presentation of the US premiere of Observando al Observador, and will be on hand following the screening for the panel discussion.  Maybe we can coax her into a song!

Las Martas is a quintet founded by Verónica Sala (Voice) and Malena Juanatey (Voice), with Santiago Deluca (Guitar), Mauricio Martin (Contrabass) and Alejandro Hagopian (Drums)