Five Articles on Argentina's Dirty War which is at the center of two productions coming to Brava's stage.

Two productions in Brava's groundbreaking performance series, Summer of Xicanas: Theater, Film, y Encuentros, take as their political subject Argentina's military dictatorship of the 1970s and its progeny, the Dirty War, and include Observando al Observador, Malena Juantaney's film chronicling the 1970s imprisonment of the San Francisco icon Olga Talamante, and Marisela Orta's new play, Ghost Limb. The articles below offer insight into the devastation and ongoing repercussions of that time, covering Obama's controversial 2016 visit to Argentina at the  anniversary of the conflict, and the subsequent declassification of long hidden documents on America's role in the war and the disappearance of thousands of Argentinian citizens.