Life is a cabaret ol' chum, so come to the Cabaret.

This January Brava unveiled its brand-new, state of the art Cabaret! Located at street level along the 24th Street corridor in San Francisco's Mission District, the new space is a long-awaited addition to the already bustling Brava Theater Center.

Program, rehearsal, and conference space by day, by evening the space transforms into a mecca for comedy, drag, music and more! Already activated, the Cabaret will host David Molina and Idris Ackamoor's The Spirit, Breath of Life this Friday, March 3, and the encore performance of Marga Gomez' Latin Standards March 16 - April 1. And every third Thursday, BACCE takes over Brava's Cabaret to unleash Black Art in So Soul San Francisco: Black Art Salon Series that includes performance, food, music and conversation. 

The Cabaret, in all its forms, is also available for rent by artists and community groups. Check our website soon for details.