Programming Resistance in 2018

Since the election of 2016, Brava has been at the forefront of the resistance through artistic programming that illuiminates and activates. Brava focuses on art that is transformative, changing our perceptions of our relationships to each other, to power and the shaping of culture. Lately, Brava has seen on its stages artists and change-makers who are actively confronting the rising tide of xenophobia, racism and self-oppressing policies that have come with the new administration.

No less resistant in 2018,  Brava seeks to create action as an organization and venue through its programming and community outreach. Nowhere is that more evident than in Brava's Not My F***king President's Day comedy lineup, carefully chosen for the causes and communities they represent. Despite the obvious comic relief it offers, the event is poised to be as transformative and provocative as it is funny. Hats off to the comics, who despite attacks on their individual and our collective communities, continue to find humour and take to the stage to educate and help us work through the complexities of the issues of immigration reform and DACA; women's rights and sexual harrasement antigay, anti-Islamic sentiments; economic disiparities and all of the ensuing effects of these issues. Host Francesca Fiorentini of Al-Jazeera, East L.A's Chris Garcia, Muslim American comic Zahra Noorbaksh, African American Karinda Dobbin, Dreamer Johan Miranda and Bay Area's searing social critic on many issues, Dhaha Lakshminarayanan wil be bringing all those chickens home to roost on February 17th.  

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