Brava Studio

Our intimate Studio is an excellent venue for smaller special events, and makes a fine rehearsal space as well.

Seating Capacity: 60
Studio Dimensions: 25' x 45', curtain available to cover mirrored wall
Amenities: Light console, sound board and sprung floor

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Studio Rental Rates

Rehearsals, Meetings or Receptions with work lights

Rehearsals, Classes, Meetings: $40/hour, 3 hour minimum
Auxiliary Event Space: $250
Additional set-up fees may apply.


Performances, Public Events or Rehearsals using lighting and/or sound system

Weekly Rate: $1,800
Daily Rate: $500
Hourly Rate: $50/hour, 4 hour minimum
Additional set-up fees may apply.


Logistics and Staffing:

Box Office Agent (if applicable): $30/hr*
Monitor (required for meetings and rehearsals): $30/hour for hours in the building
House manager (required for all performances): $35/hour from one hour prior to show to close
Brava technician (optional): $40/hour, four hour minimum

Second stage/studio clients are responsible for setting up chairs and/or tables as needed and replacing back after the event. All lighting must be restored to the house plot.


Your Studio rental at Brava includes ticket set up (Brava uses the ticketing platform Patron Manager), inclusion of your event on our website, Facebook and eblast, and the opportunity to post your posters and postcards in and around Brava Theater Center. At the end of the production, you will receive a full patron manifest of all customers with contact info they provided as well as full ticket breakdown.

* You may use a third-party ticketing services to sell your tickets. When you choose this option you do not incur the Box Office Agent fee.

Things went so well!! It was INCREDIBLE! Can’t wait to do it again.
— Elana Lagerquist, Stagewrite

Technical Specs

Seating Capacity: 60
Studio Dimensions: 25' x 45' 

Curtain available to cover mirrored wall


  • Light console

  • Sound board

  • Sprung hardwood floors


Technical Specifications

Studio Technical Rider

Room layout: 25’x45’ with one wall full-length mirrors. The floor is a sprung, hard wood floor. A burgundy curtain may be pulled closed in front of the mirrors.

Risers and chairs: There are two rows of risers on the opposite side of mirrors, approximately 8’ deep by 25’ wide. There is one row of chairs on the top riser, with a stack of 50+ black folding chairs in a chair dolly adjacent to the room. Total amount of chairs available with rental: 60. (Brava may have extra chairs available on request).


Lighting Console: Leprecon LP624 Lighting

Lighting equipment (house plot):

  • 6-6” Fresnels

  • 7 par 20s

  • 2- 50d source four pars

Dimmers: 4 Leviton Dimmers/Edison outlets

4 circuits/dimmer box: each circuit will hold up to 1200 watts, each dimmer box will hold a maximum of 2400 watts.

Please note renters are welcome to change the house plot, but the plot must be restored after use.

Sound Board: Mackie 16 Channel mixer/2 hanging speakers.
Microphones available on request.

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