Rental Policies

Brava Theater normally opens for clients and public after 2:00 pm.  If the licensee would like to move in earlier than 2:00 pm, you may be required to pay for Brava event personnel’s hourly fees.  The licensee must notify the Brava Rentals Manager if they anticipate moving in prior to 2:00 pm to be sure the space is ready for their use and staff notified. Please note there is no access to theater without prior approval other than the scheduled move-in times. 



Schedule of Non-Refundable Payments: It is understood and agreed that in the event of Licensee’s cancellation in whole or in part, 60 days or less from event date, the sum paid as of the date of notice of cancellation shall be deemed non-refundable and retained by Brava as liquidated damages in satisfaction of any losses to Brava. Brava retains the right to cancel this contract with written notice for the following reasons: misrepresentation of event, lack of insurance, bounced checks, threats of damage or actual damage to the theater, threats of violence or actual violence towards any Brava staff, or theft of Brava property. 


Refundable Deposit

Brava may use, apply or retain all or any portion of said deposit, for the payment of any sums remaining due of the General Use, the services and the equipment provided, cleaning and maintenance, or for reimbursement of damages sustained by Brava as a result of Licensee’s default, late cancellation, or any other breach of the terms of this agreement.


Theater Concessions

Brava reserves the right to provide and operate beverage concessions.  No food will be allowed in the main stage area, however drinks are allowed.



Licensee or Licensee’s representative may sell t-shirts, records, tapes, books, CD’s and other souvenirs.  Brava will provide a table and chairs. Brava must be notified in advance of intentions to sell merchandise at an event. 


Catering and Alcohol

Catering will take place only in approved locations in the theater. Catering personnel will clean-up after the event and remove all refuse, generated by the event, from Brava premises. Permission to serve or sell alcohol is granted at the discretion of Brava. If permission to serve alcohol is granted, Licensee is responsible for preventing under-age drinking. 


Admission/ House Tickets

Licensee will provide 6 complimentary tickets to each performance.  Complimentary tickets will be the Brava House Seats (ROW E, SEATS 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, and 106). Brava will release any unused tickets to Licensee no later than the day of performance.



Licensee is responsible for arranging all publicity and advertising which is deemed appropriate to promote the performance. Licensee agrees to submit all proposed publicity prior to printing, mailing, and dissemination to the public. Brava shall review the copy and contract Licensee with any concerns it has about the Licensee’s promotional materials and agrees in good faith to resolve any concerns regarding the content and presentation of the promotional materials. Brava Theater Center. Please use the following spelling and punctuation in relation to Brava: Brava Theater Center

The address of the theater is 2781 24th Street between York and Hampshire St. The office mailing address is 2781 24th Street. San Francisco, Ca. 94110.  


Dressing Rooms

Brava has three dressing rooms underneath the stage.  If available, the Brava studio may also be used as a dressing room for a minimal fee. Smoking is strictly prohibited.   Brava staff may enter any and all dressing rooms areas to enforce these rules at any time.



Licensee is responsible for safekeeping the event and assigning their own front of house assistants to monitor and, if necessary, remove patrons who are deemed inappropriate. These front of house assistants must be easily identified and check in with Brava Front of House Manager for training. Brava reserves the right to cancel an event if safety is deemed inadequate. No armed security personnel are allowed unless currently licensed as a police or correctional officer.



Licensee is responsible for picking up all decorations after the event.  The following decorations are prohibited: confetti, glitter, stickers, spray paint, liquid paint, burning objects and helium balloons.  No tape, staples, holes or nails in the walls will be permitted. 


Fire Safety

Brava enforces all fire safety codes and is subject to inspection by the City of San Francisco Fire Department.  No pyro devices or open flames are permitted in the theater at any time.  All fire aisles and exits must remain clear of equipment and people.  No standing is allowed in aisles or walkways.  Failure to follow these rules may result in the immediate suspension of the event until the conditions are corrected.  If they are not corrected, the event will cancel without refund to the Licensee.


Disruptive People

Brava reserves the right to eject person or persons engaging in disruptive or threatening conduct.  Brava will not be held responsible for any damages caused through exercising this right.


Clean Up

Licensee is responsible for placing trash generated from the event in receptacles and restoring the area of the theater used during each event.  This includes the stage area, seating area, dressing rooms and any areas of the theater used for receptions.  Brava reserves the right to withhold your refundable deposit if your event generates enough waste to over flow our trash receptacles. Licensee must remove all decorations, tape, drinks and food.  Failure to do so may result in Brava retaining the refundable deposit. 


Damage to the theater

Licensee is responsible for all damage caused to the facility by, or as a direct result of their event, by guests, patrons, staff, crew and subcontractors.  This specifically includes damage to seats, theater equipment, stage, dressing rooms or bathrooms. 


Indemnification and Insurance

The Licensee holds harmless, defends and indemnifies Brava for Women in the Arts, Brava Theater Center, their agents and employees for losses, damages or judgments and expenses on account of fire, or other peril, body injury, death or property damage, or claims of bodily injury, death or property damage of any nature whatsoever made, arising out of the activities of Licensee, intentional or omission. 

Licensee agrees to obtain and keep in full force and in effect throughout the scheduled dates of the set-up, performance/event and strike a policy of comprehensive public liability insurance against all claims arising out of or in connection with the conduct of the Licensee related to the performance/event. This certificate of Insurance will name Brava Theater Center as an additional insured and will carry coverage of one million dollars per occurrence, and a gross aggregate of two million dollars.  The certificate of insurance must be presented upon the execution of the contract.  Brava staff is willing to make recommendations of companies providing short-term insurance at reasonable rates. 



We require that you hire at least 1 Brava lighting or sound technician, feel free to bring additional technicians. We welcome additional qualified technicians vetted by our Technical Director. If changes are made to our house plot, soundboard settings, or if rigging is added, client will be responsible for the full restore.


Nondiscrimination/Drug Free & Smoke-Free Workplace Compliance

Licensee certifies that there shall be no discrimination against or segregation of any person or group of persons on account of race, color, religion or creed, gender or sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, political affiliation or physical disability in the hiring, compensation or promotion of the performance/event. Licensee certifies that it will make a good faith effort to maintain a drug-free and smoke-free workplace and prohibit the unlawful use, manufacture, dispensing or possession of any controlled substance.