Brava Cabaret

Our Cabaret is an excellent venue for music, comedy, and live theater, smaller special events and rehearsals, as well as for receptions, workshops and meetings.

Standing Capacity: 90
Seating Capacity: 80
Cabaret Dimensions: 
Downstairs: 30’ wide by 33’ long
Mezzanine: 22’ wide by 13’ long

Light console
Sound board
Non-Technical Amenities
12 x 8 carpeted stage (three platforms 4 x 8 each); 60 cushioned stacking chairs; two single stall bathrooms; 7 x 8 prep room with mess sink; two 6 x 2 foldable plastic tables. For an additional fee: ten 4’ round tables (adjustable to sitting or standing height).   

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Cabaret Rental Rates


Rehearsals, Classes, Meetings: $40/hour, 3 hour minimum
Auxiliary Event Space: $250
Additional set-up fees may apply.


Weekly Rate: $1,800
Daily Rate: $500
Hourly Rate: $50/hour, 4 hour minimum
Additional set-up fees may apply.


Monitor (required for meetings and rehearsals): $30/hour for hours in the building
House manager (required for all performances): $35/hour from one hour prior to show to close
Brava technician (optional): $40/hour, four hour minimum

Cabaret clients are responsible for setting up chairs and/or tables as needed and replacing back after the event. All lighting must be restored to the house plot.


Brava does NOT provide box office services for the Cabaret. When renting the Cabaret you will need to contract with a third-party ticketing service to sell tickets to your event.

As a Brava Theater Center rental client, your event will be included on Brava’s website, Brava's Facebook page and in our weekly eblast, and you’ll have the opportunity to post your posters and postcards in and around Brava Theater Center. At the end of the production, you will receive a full patron manifest of all customers with contact info they provided as well as full ticket breakdown.

Technical Specs

90 standing
Max 60 seated main level
Max 20 seated in mezzanine

Room layout: 
The main level is 30’ wide by 33’ longwith one wall of windows. The floor is cement. A black curtain may be pulled closed in front of the windows. The mezzanine level is 22’ wide by 13’ long.

Chairs: The main floor can accommodate a total of 60 chairs. Chairs may be arranged in different configurations. The mezzanine can accommodate a total of 20 stools. For sight lines, stools should be placed in one row along the balcony wall. 

Total number of chairs available with rental: 60
Total number of stools available with rental: 20

Total of 10 - 4’ round tables (adjustable for sitting or standing height) available for a fee. 
Total of 2 – 6’ folding tables (table cloths are not provided)

WITHOUT a Brava Technician:

Lights: You may pick one light look that will remain on and constant during your event.
(1) a general stage wash with low audience lighting
(2) party reception lighting
(3) bright and spread classroom lighting.

1 Wireless Vocal Speaking Mic:  Sennheiser XSW1 Wireless Speaking Microphone w/ receiver
1 Mic Stand w/ Mic Clip
1 Powerstrip with 8 outlets
2 JBL EONOne Linear-Array Speakers: JBL EON One QuickStart Guide

Playback via Blutooth on Client Device (phone or laptop): Mono feed to two speakers
No other plugin equipment, additional mics or DJs. 

All audio goes directly through our speaker system, no access to the soundboard.


WITH a Brava Technician the following additional technical equipment is available:

Full Technical Rider
Brava Light House Plot (unalterable)
Brava Channel Sheet

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