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The Dangerous Beauties Present: Aura

  • Brava Theater Center 2781 24th Street San Francisco, CA, 94110 United States (map)

The Dangerous Beauties present AURA

An Evening of Dance Theater Featuring Heroines, Femme Fatales, Witches, and Rebel Queens 

March 21, 2015   8pm

Since the beginning of time, powerful women have been the subject of myths and legends. They’ve been worshipped, feared, and revered; canonized and burned at the stake. They’ve inspired, enchanted and scandalized every culture on earth for centuries. Graceful and benevolent or selfish and bloodthirsty, these women forged paths ­or were forced to make choices­ that excluded them from fitting in with the norm. Whether branded as temptresses, rogues and harlots, or deified inmmarble temples, the names and images of these women have been kept alive on sacred scrolls, in whispers passed down through generations, and splattered across tabloid headlines. These strong female archetypes illustrate the complexity of the human spirit, every bit as relevant now as they were in the past.

In the dazzling Aura, The Dangerous Beauties weave together dance and narrative seamlessly and with theatrical flair, breathing life into the fearless female characters­ both real and imagined­ who has struck awe into the hearts and minds for many millennia. From the Hindu goddess Kali to the legendary Cleopatra and Mata Hari, from shape­shifters to Celtic spirits and the revered goddesses of Mount Olympus, the audience will discover the true colors of these women, the power they carried deep within, and the magical strength which made them bold and fearless.

More than a dance production, Aura is a thought provoking, transcendent feast for the senses­ prepares to be astonished, entertained and enlightened. The Dangerous Beauties are a collaborative collective of award­-winning dancers and choreographers from The Bay Area and beyond. Their extensive repertoire encompasses ballet, jazz, modern, and Middle Eastern and North African styles, both traditional and fused with a boundary-­pushing contemporary flavor. Many members of the group are internationally known, performing and teaching around the world. Some are multi­disciplinary artists whose work includes backgrounds in theater and film, costuming and the visual arts.

Dancers featured in this show include Princess Farhana, Rose Harden, Nyla Crystal, Surreyya Hada, Dusty Paik, Sabrina, Terry, Talia Soleil and Maharet Hughes and with very special guests Kami Liddle and Goldstar, Kirstin Williams, Paula Plessas, Joyce Lien Kushner, Mariana, Eyla Moore, Crystal Ravenwolf and many more. Narration by Patricia Miller.