Audition for MAPA’s Spring Production!


Each year, the youth programs of Mission Academy of Performing Arts @ Brava collaborate to create a full-length production on Brava's Main Stage. The culminating spring performance is performed by students of Young Thespians Theater Lab, with dancing and music accompaniment by Cuicacalli Escuela De Danza and Mariachi Juvenil La Misíon, and technical support and production design by Brava’s San Francisco Running Crew. 

This year for its Spring Production, MAPA@Brava has selected Facing Our Truth, 10-minute plays on Trayvon, race, and privilege.

Auditions are open to youth between the ages of 12 - 18, of all backgrounds and experience.

MAPA is looking to cast over 20 roles, which are listed below. For the audition, please come with a role(s) in mind. You will be provided sides from the script to read upon arrival.

Call or text to schedule an audition: (415) 484.8566

Rehearsals: Every Monday and Thursday, 4:30pm - 6:30pm (additional Saturday rehearsals as needed)

Performances: April 18, 19 & 20

Audition Location:
Brava Theater Center Cabaret
2773 24th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District

Character List:

Ayanna - Black woman, mid-late 30s. Pregnant. Hyper-sensitive. Over stuffed with book-quotes and clinical terminology. Wife to Ezra

Ezra - Black man, late 30s. Steady. Claming. Thoughtful. A loving husband with one eye always on the streets around him. Husband of Ayanna.

Elissa - 17, any race (non-white), some kid

Andre - 17, African-American, some other kid

Owen - 17, any race, their friend

Blue - Woman

Also Blue - Man

Green - Woman

Purple - Woman

Yellow - Boy, 15

Pink - Boy, 16

Red - Boy, 16

Indigo -Woman [This role is optional, depending if you have resources] ++

Teal - Woman [This role is optional, depending if you have resources] ++

Zimmerman - Late 20s, would call himself Hispanic

Trayvon - Late teens, would call himself Black

Officer - Would call herself White

Mom - early 40s, black

Son - 17, black

Rebecca - A white woman

Doc - A black psychiatrist. The same actor plays Employer.

Greatest Grand - The same actor plays Ookie, a dealer