Brava Theater Center

Technical Specifications

Brava has two performance spaces available for rental in one convenient location. Our spacious Main Theater is appropriate for larger-audience shows including films, plays, and live music, and features world-class lighting and sound (see below). Our intimate Studio is an excellent venue for smaller special events, and makes a fine rehearsal space as well.

Main Theater Specs

Seating Capacity: 360
Orchestra: 250 (including 6 accessible)
Mezzanine: 110 
Rates — To Reserve email 

Technical Specifications

Theater Technical Rider — (162k pdf)
Lighting channel sheet — (71k doc)
Low resolution lighting plot — (47k gif)
Full resolution lighting plot — (1.08m psd)
Christie Digital 951-Q DLP Projector - 8,200 Lumens
ETC Express 125 Lighting Console Quick Guide  — (944k pdf)
ETC Express 125 Lighting Console  User Manual *Note: our board is 125* — (3.883M pdf)
Soundcraft Si Performer Digital Live Sound Console
Shure ULXS24/Beta58 Wireless Handheld Microphone- Brochure

Stage Information

Access to Stage:
Loading Ramp at stage level (stage right off of 24th Street) through an alleyway. Not directly accessible to vehicles.
Door size: Height: 6’10”, Width: 6’
Height from ground: 2’6”
There are also double doors House Right from an alleyway on York Street.
Proscenium Arch:
Height 22’0” – Width 30’1”

Dressing Rooms:
Two dressing rooms are located under the stage.

Architectural Drawings of Theater (for reference, measurements, etc.)

Stage dimensions — (88k pdf)
Long section  — (112k pdf)
Catwalks — (121k pdf)
Floor plan — (63k pdf)

Brava Studio Specs

Seating Capacity: 60
Studio Dimensions: 25' x 45'
Amenities: Light console, Sound board, Sprung hardwood floors
Rates — To Reserve email

Technical Specifications

Studio Technical Rider

Room layout: 25’x45’ with one wall full-length mirrors. The floor is a sprung, hard wood floor. A burgundy curtain may be pulled closed in front of the mirrors.

Risers and chairs: There are two rows of risers on the opposite side of mirrors, approximately 8’ deep by 25’ wide. There is one row of chairs on the top riser, with a stack of 50+ black folding chairs in a chair dolly adjacent to the room. Total amount of chairs available with rental: 60.
(Brava may have extra chairs available on request).


Lighting Console: Leprecon LP624 Lighting

Lighting equipment (house plot):

6-6” Fresnels

7 par 20s

2- 50d source four pars

Dimmers: 4 Leviton Dimmers/Edison outlets

4 circuits/dimmer box: each circuit will hold up to 1200 watts, each dimmer box will hold a maximum of 2400 watts.

Please note renters are welcome to change the house plot, but the plot must be restored after use.

Sound Board: Mackie 16 Channel mixer/2 hanging speakers.
Microphones available on request.